Danvers Peak Savings Program
Danvers Peak Savings Program

Follow these tips to save energy during our Peak Events and earn rewards!

  • Turn off lighting in unoccupied areas such as conference and break rooms.

  • Make use of natural light sources during daytime hours with blinds and skylights.

  • Turn off all non-essential indoor/outdoor lighting, signage, window displays and office equipment not in use.

  • Turn off all decorative features, such as fountains, lighting and ambient audio and video displays.

  • Minimize office equipment use by scheduling meetings during peak hours.

  • Turn off machines or put them in sleep mode when they’re not in use, including computer monitors.

  • Even when they’re switched off, many appliances continue to draw power. Unplug cords when not in use, or use an advanced power strip that can be turned off or that will turn off automatically. This includes laptop chargers and other electronics.

  • Unplug battery chargers and use only pre-charged equipment. Prepare by charging batteries and battery-operated equipment before peak hours.

Steps to take in the Office

Steps to take in the Kitchen

  • Turn off beverage vending machines and shift use of icemakers to before or after peak hours.

  • Cool refrigerators to a lower temperature prior to the peak hours and then coast for a few hours.

  • Complete dishwashing and housekeeping activities before or after an event.

Steps to take with your Cooling

  • Pre-cool your space two or more hours before the event starts and then raise your cooling set point during the event.

  • Pre-cool work areas. Then, cycle constant air volume HVAC units or temporarily reset static pressure in variable air volume HVAC units. Turn off ceiling fans and room fans.

  • Keep doors and windows closed while running your HVAC system to reduce air loss.

  • Load-cycle, temperature reset or pre-cool the package AC units in your facility, when possible. Some facilities with package AC units can do load-cycling, temperature resetting and possibly pre-cooling.

Steps to take with Production

  • Optimize building automation systems (BAS) with pre-planned ‘demand reduction’ mode.

  • Hold aspects of production that are not timing-critical.

  • Shift production to another time where possible.

  • Adjust employees’ schedules and shifts so that times of increased production or energy use occur before or after peak hours.

  • Contact our Peak Savings Program Manager, Jeff Elie at jelie@danversma.gov for more steps you can take to save energy tailored to YOUR business type.

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