Danvers Peak Savings Program
Danvers Peak Savings Program

Here are some common questions about the Peak Savings Residential Program.

If you have a question not answered here please email us or contact Danvers Electric at 978-777-2668.

Q: What is electricity demand?

A: It is the highest rate of electricity use by the Town of Danvers in the whole year. It is not the total amount of electricity consumed by the Town. To use an analogy, consumption is like your car's odometer (how far you've driven) and demand is like your speedometer (how fast you are driving). Peak demand is the maximum speed you've attained. From the utility's perspective, peak demand is the highest amount of capacity that needs to be supplied to the Town.

For an individual home or business, it is the amount of power that is “demanded” from the electric system at one time. (i.e. if you have your lights on and AC running in the afternoon, then your max “demand” will be higher for the day, compared to running your AC in the morning and only having your lights on in the afternoon).

Q: What is an electrical peak demand?

A: It is the time for which the entire Town of Danvers has the highest demand for electricity out of the whole year.

Q: Why is the Town running this program?

A: The Town purchases its power from a wholesale supplier of electricity. The wholesale provider charges the Town a rate based on the Town’s yearly peak demand. If the Town can reduce its peak demand, the Town can pass on the cost savings to its customers.

Q: How can I reduce my electricity use?

A: Visit our How to Save page for some helpful tips on using less electricity. One of the most effective ways to reduce peak electricity use is to turn off major consumers of electricity, such as your AC or pool equipment during the hours when you are notified that a peak is expected. For more specific information on the energy efficiency of your home and appliances, see this energy use chart.

Q: How will you know if I comply with the program?

A: If you choose to participate, we will compare your historic usage to your usage during the event to see if you reduced your electricity demand.

Q: What is the participation threshold, and how much do I have to reduce my electrical usage to be eligible for a reward?

A: Click “YES” in the Event Alert Email and successfully follow a simple “SAVE ENERGY” plan.

Q: When will events occur?

A: An event will occur between 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET. You will be notified about an upcoming event via email the day before the event begins.

Q: What is the time-frame for the Residential Peak Savings Program?

A: The Peak Savings Program runs from June 14 through September 14. 

Q: How will the Peak Savings prize winner be selected and awarded?

A: Each time you click “YES” to participate in an event and take at least two Save Energy steps, you will be entered to win a $25 credit to your electric bill.  Winners will be selected through a random drawing with a 1 in 25 chance of winning.  Winners will be notified through the e-mail they provide for event notifications.  The credit will be applied directly to your Danvers Electric account.


Q: How do I qualify for the Peak Savings Residential GRAND prize?

A: To qualify for the Peak Savings grand prize, you will receive one entry for each Peak Savings Event you participate in from June 14 through September 14.  For example, if you participate in 3 of 5 Peak Events called, you get 3 entries into the grand prize drawing.  The Peak Savings grand prize is a $250 credit from Danvers Electric on your electric bill.  The credit will be applied directly to your Danvers Electric account.

Q: What information do I need to sign up?

A: Account number, name & address, email address

Q: Can I participate without an email address?

A: Unfortunately, at this time our program does not accommodate other communication methods so an email address is required to participate.

Q: Will I have to sign up again next year?

A: No.


To register for the Peak Savings Program, complete this form or email us.

Phone: 978.774.0005 Option 2

2 Burroughs Street, Danvers, MA 01923

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